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Commercial property transactions may be thin on the ground, but there’s still plenty appetite for vanilla

At a cursory glance, there is no shortage of reasons to be apprehensive about the state of the Commercial Property market in Scotland, but it has to be remembered that superficial analysis never put a shilling in anyone's pocket. Looking under the top layer of woes regarding the constantly-changing [...]

Getting your house in top shape for a Home Report

Maintaining your property will have a significant bearing on your Home Report, and improving the quality of housing stock was a major factor in their introduction. Our surveyors see issues on a regular basis that if managed effectively can be the difference between scoring a one or a three [...]

Q&A with Ross Wilson, Head of East Agency

Following his appointment as a Director and Head of East Agency, Ross Wilson spared a few minutes from his busy schedule to answer a few rather interesting questions about himself and his new position within DM Hall. What attracted you to your new post? The strength of the firm [...]