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Home Report Kirkcaldy

If you need a Home Report or any other residential service get in touch with your Kirkcaldy branch today.

What is a Home Report?

A Home Report is required if you are selling a home in Scotland.  It’s the seller’s responsibility to arrange the Home Report and they must have it available to potential buyers if requested.

It’s a pack of documents which provides information on the condition and value of the property.  It’s made up of three elements which include a Single Survey, Energy Report and Property Questionnaire.

• We have a wealth of knowledge of the local housing market

• We are RICS approved

• Our Home Reports are competitively priced

Instruct a Home Report

Instructing a Home Report is a relatively straightforward process.  You can either get in touch with us directly or complete the online form which you can find here.

Meet the Residential Team at Kirkcaldy

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We have a residential team based in our Livingston office who provide a full range of residential services for people and properties in Livingston and the surrounding area. These services include:

• Home Reports

• Mortgage Valuations

• Homebuyer Surveys and Valuations

• Building Surveys

• Energy Performance Certificates