Wednesday Q&A: Ronnie Colman, Business Development Consultant

First job: Architectural Assistant prior to going to Uni.

First car: Ford Cortina (hand me down from my mum!)

What did the start of your professional life look like: Pretty good I was working as an architect for Holford Associates in Glasgow.

Best advice received: “Work hard but when needed go to the pub!” Bill Pirnie my Tutor at Dundee Uni.

What do you like most about your job: Meeting people and helping where I can and the thrill of winning new business to grow DM Hall especially with our unique Sellers Pack.

And least: Unproductive meetings!

Biggest professional achievement or Biggest personal achievement: Designing the refurbished Cranhill Flats in Glasgow and driving the DM Hall Sellers Pack project which is now being used extensively and is improving the conveyancing process.

The repair most worth doing to your property is: The roof maintenance

How do you see the current crisis panning out for your sector: I see a major opportunity to greatly increase our share in the market especially in our searching department who do a brilliant job but had no one broadcasting that till I joined. A bigger share of the cake is imperative as after a brief flurry of activity there is going to be a very challenging time in the property market I think.

How do you switch off: I don’t! Except for in the pub on a Saturday night with friends or playing tennis with my partner.

What do you listen to in the car: Music I like and that gets me fired up for day’s challenges ahead (very important to my performance!).

Which social media sites so you like/prefer: Only LinkedIn for business, I don’t like or trust most social media I prefer 121.

If you weren’t in your current job, what would you be doing: On permanent holiday and maybe designing a few extensions.

Favourite holiday destination: South of France and Lanzarote (big fan of Cesar Manrique)

What makes you happy: Being with my Partner, my Daughter, family and friends and loud music!