Spotlight on…The Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Helpline

The Alzheimer Scotland 24 hour Freephone Dementia Helpline (0808 808 3000) is a vital support service for people with dementia, carers, relatives, professionals, students and anyone concerned about dementia. All of the Helpline’s call handlers are trained to provide information and emotional support to people with the illness, their families, friends and professionals. We also have an e-Helpline offering the same service for those who prefer to contact us by e-mail.

The Dementia Helpline can provide information right away on many questions or concerns. We can send out free information packs to carers, family members or people with dementia. We have a panel of expert advisers who help answer more complex enquiries.
This service is a lifeline for families across Scotland, as highlighted by some of the feedback we receive from callers:
“The reason I phoned the Helpline was because it was open 24/7. Most of the time I cope, but on a bad day everything is overwhelming and obviously as one gets tired it is more difficult to cope with emotionally. I think all of my efforts to help my husband are not appreciated and pointless and I get very despairing. Talking to someone who understands the problem and is sympathetic helps a lot.”
“It is simply comforting to know someone is there and that that person has direct experience of coping with calls about a loved one’s dementia. This is different to talking to well-meaning friends who, helpful as they are and want to be, cannot really understand all the little ups and downs that add up to quite an emotional load. Thank you for being there.”
The Dementia Helpline depends wholly on fundraised income to maintain the service. Many of our callers are in crisis when they phone, and really appreciate knowing that they will be able to speak to someone who will listen and support them whenever they call. We’re so grateful for all the hard work fundraisers put into raising money for this work.
We are delighted to be working in partnership with DM Hall this year as their 2017 Charity of the Year. Their support will help fund our vital community services, such as our Dementia Helpline, helping us to ensure that no one faces dementia alone.

Elaine Harley, Helpline Manager, Alzheimer Scotland


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