DM Hall is pleased to sponsor the latest s1homes Scottish House Price Report, and to be given the opportunity to comment on the report.

There is a great deal to be positive about in this quarter as, while prices in some sectors have remained fairly static, the number of properties on the market increased and flats continue to sell significantly above their asking price. The later Easter holiday may have delayed sellers from marketing their property and we will be interested in the number of properties advertised in Q2 of 2014. This should provide us with a better indicator of the “improving” property market.

There is certainly a much more active market in our 27 offices across Scotland and, with more houses coming on the market and more sales, we are finding more homes are going to closing dates and achieving their asking price.

DM Hall’s view is that, to close the reality gap between average asking price and average selling price, a realistic asking price must be set and this is being achieved with the help of an independent, professional and correct home report valuation.

Properties marketed correctly, with the correct asking price, will continue to sell within a realistic period. Sellers’ expectations must be managed to ensure that the asking price is set at the right level to maximise returns as opposed to the highest level.

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