Gordon King on the emerging market in renewable energy transactions

In the 1980s, in Glasgow’s Argyle Street, there were two banks of four public telephones, just outside the station. They were always busy, but the fact was that only eight phone calls were being made in that throbbing thoroughfare at any one time.

Now look at the same street as we enter the second decade of the 21st century. Every second person – sometimes it seems like everyone – has a mobile clamped to his or her ear and conversations are loud and continuous.

The point is that new markets emerge all the time and the people who succeed in business are the ones who anticipate them. The business minds who foresaw the mobile revolution have made, and continue to make, untold fortunes.

A similarly new market is on the point of emerging in the marketing and sale of renewable energy micro generation installations. And, given the investment which has been pumped into the sector over recent years, it is going to be major.

Up until now, all the activity within the renewable energy field has been about development; first came the vast arrays of commercial wind turbine farms funded by big companies, then the market became smaller and more local as the Government backed Feed in Tariffs did their work.

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