Winter weather – protect your property

As you will no doubt be aware the weather forecast for next few days is far from ideal. Strong winds and snow are set to hit Scotland. To make sure your property is in good shape both during and after the adverse weather, here are just a few things you may wish to consider:

• Gutters should be clear of all leaves and debris before the snow begins to accumulate
• Secure items in your garden and around the outside of the property
• Check your roof, chimney, flashings etc ahead of the storms to ensure they are secure
• Keep a mat in your entry way to prevent incoming snow from damaging hardwood floors.
• Have a flashlight hand and shovel handy

After the snow and storms have gone, it is important to check your property to identify any damage that may have occurred. For example loose, damaged or missing slates should be addressed to avoid water getting into your roof.

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