Lorraine Pearson steps down after 47 years of service

After 47 years of loyal service, Lorraine Pearson, has stepped down from her key finance and administration role at DM Hall’s Edinburgh head office.

Lorraine spent her career with DM Hall in cash handling as well as being indispensable in organising both the staff Christmas party and client hospitality for the regular Scotland rugby international days.

She said: “I’ve been working mornings only for the past few months but have decided to bow out at the end of March: it’s the start of the bowling season and I want to spend lots of my now free hours at my bowling club, Mayfield.”

A great deal has changed since Lorraine joined DM Hall, not least the average price of a house in Scotland, which was just £7,361, compared to today’s average price of £150,638.

Lorraine’s departure reduces further the direct links with the Hall family which founded the firm in 1897. She said: “When I joined, the firm had only five offices and Mr James Hall was in charge. There was a real feeling that it was a family, and I like to think that ethos has been at the heart of DM Hall over the years.

“I have watched the firm grow throughout Scotland, to its current 26 offices, from Aberdeen to the borders. I saw the last Mr Hall leave the running of the firm to younger heads back in 1991. I’ve always loved it here. I’d never even thought of working anywhere else and I will always have fond, fond memories of my time here.”

Managing Partner, Eric Curran said: “Lorraine is a delightful person who has not only devoted decades of sterling service to the firm, but has also been a cornerstone of quality and continuity, bringing younger people on and sharing her experience.

“She has been very much “the go-to” lady throughout our office network for anything which needed to be done quickly and efficiently. Time and again she has gone out of her way to help wherever and whenever she could. She will be a hard act to follow.

“Everyone at DM Hall wishes her a very long and very happy retirement.”