East-based Residential Surveyor, Natalie Ogg, Celebrates 10 Years at DM Hall

Congratulations on your anniversary and thank you for agreeing to respond to this Q&A.

• How did you join DM Hall?
A friend that I attended university with and who had been working with DM Hall advised me that the Kirkcaldy office were looking to take on a graduate surveyor. I contacted John Dewar (Former Partner of the Kirkcaldy office) and after a chat/interview was delighted that he offered me the position. I will be forever grateful to him for giving me the opportunity and to his support over the years at DM Hall.

• What are a few memorable moments of the past 10 years working here?
My first inspection was a property in Fife where monkeys were kept as pets! One of the first of many unusual properties I was about to encounter.
Another memorable moment was the pressure of working through the APC and the feeling of absolute joy when I received the letter through the door.

• How have you enjoyed your time in the company?
It has been great working with many wonderful people.

• How has your career progressed over the years?
I started my career as a trainee/graduate surveyor and now am a fully qualified surveyor.

• What are your goals for the future and how is DM Hall supporting you to achieve them?
To be happy, confident and settled in my role. I am learning more about other areas of the business and ways to push our business forward.

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