DM Hall unveils innovative new energy department

In recognition of the increasingly crucial role that energy efficiency plays in the UK’s built environment, DM Hall, one of Scotland’s leading firms of Chartered Surveyors, is launching a new, dedicated energy department.

Branded as DM Hall Energy, the new service will be hosted in DM Hall’s Glasgow office and ably supported by a Dunfermline department. It will be fronted by new Head of Energy, Mark O’Neill, a qualified Non-domestic Energy Assessor and Section 63 Advisor, who joined DM Hall in 2006.

The new department will be responsible for all non-domestic energy issues as well as introducing a consultancy service providing impartial, independent and reliable advice to SMEs, landlords and property occupiers.

Mark O’Neill will head the team which will include Alan Jeffrey and Paul Hope of the firm’s Dunfermline office, as well as a number of energy assessors based across DM Hall’s network of offices.

While providing a country wide service, DM Hall Energy will focus on Scotland’s main commercial and industrial areas to address the growing appetite for sensible and affordable energy solutions.

Mark, who is an associate in DM Hall’s North Glasgow office, said: “The Scottish Government is continuing its efforts to reduce Scotland’s carbon emissions. It has already met its original goal of cutting emissions by 42% by 2020 but is now planning to cut total emissions by 66% by 2032. Undoubtedly commercial property will be expected to share in the task of achieving such a goal.

“A degree of compulsion is already being place upon owners of larger properties through the recent introduction of the Assessment of Energy Performance of Non-Domestic Buildings (Scotland) Regulations 2016, requiring landlords and property owners to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings. In my view it is highly likely that tighter regulations will be forthcoming.

“Rather than waiting for legislation, it may be far more palatable for property owners to address their energy efficiency issues now, which, as well as reducing energy costs to occupiers’ businesses, will have the added benefit of making their properties far more attractive on the market.”

DM Hall Energy will continue to offer its industry-leading commercial energy assessment service, but it will also now look at potential improvements and create a panel of approved installers who can help carry out remedial work.

The department will specialise in identifying the most straightforward potential improvements first, in order to maximise the immediate gains which are possible for business owners.

Mark O’Neill said: “It is sometimes the simple things that can make a difference. When one considers that an LED bulb uses 90% less energy than the ubiquitous traditional lightbulb or halogen spotlight, it is easy to see how low cost solutions can be over looked and savings missed. It is worth noting that the Department of Energy and Climate Change has estimated that changes can cut between 20% and 25% from energy costs for the average SME.”

Eric Curran, managing partner at DM Hall, said: “Energy efficiency awareness is growing in importance as we go into 2017 and DM Hall Energy will create a valuable new consultancy resource for businesses and property owners.

“Mark is one of Scotland’s most aware and enterprising energy specialists and he will lead an expert team which will not only contribute to the wellbeing of the environment but will bring tangible financial benefits to Scotland’s business community.”

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