DM Hall Celebrates International Women’s Day

In honour of the International Women’s Day, we’ve asked some of our colleagues a few questions about their careers at DM Hall. These women inspire us daily and we are delighted to be working alongside them.
Aileen Galasso, Becca Agnew, Felicity Forbes-Davidson, Lisa Watt, and Susan McRitchie, kindly spared a few minutes from their busy schedules to answer a few of our questions.


• What is your position within DM Hall?

AG: Office Manager at the Glasgow South office.
BA: I am the Office Manager for our Edinburgh Commercial office.
FFD: Associate based in the Aberdeen office as a Residential Valuation Surveyor.
LW: Administrative Assistant mainly providing support services to the Valuation & Agency divisions in North Commercial.
SM: Legal Searching Services Manager


• How long have you been working here?

AG: 22 years this April
BA: I have been with DM Hall for just over 10 years, having had many roles throughout the admin function in our various commercial departments.
FFD: Since August 2009, and based in Aberdeen full time since January 2017.
LW: I first joined DM Hall back in 2004 and over the years have had some time off due to maternity leave, but returned back full time in the summer of 2015.
SM: 13 years


• How has the landscape changed since you first started surveying/working in DM Hall?

AG: One of the biggest changes has been the growth of D M Hall. When I started the residential west sector used to be based from the one office in Newton Place but is now split between three offices. In terms of admin, (showing my age now) the dictation was done on tapes and you had a tape player on your desk and all lenders forms were typed up on a typewriter!!!
BA: I have been lucky to have worked with some amazing women in my time at DM Hall. It has always been a real inspiration working with female professional staff, two of whom started their DM Hall careers as support staff.
FFD: From a residential point of view, it is the introduction of the Home Report.
LW: I think there has been a noticeable change in the Commercial Department, throughout DM Hall and other sectors which go side by side, especially the relationship between the Building Department & Property Management.

SM: The department in which I work has grown tremendously, which has brought changes to the physical environment and my role within the company. This growth continues and is really exciting.


• Which part of your job most excites you most?

AG: I like the variety of work I get from my job and speaking to clients.
BA: I enjoy working with my colleagues in Edinburgh. They are a really great bunch of people to work with. More recently I have had the opportunity to visit some of our other offices and meeting colleagues that I usually only speak to on the phone or by email has been really nice and has definitely made me feel part of a bigger team.
FFD: The job is interesting because of the variety of residential properties that we inspect and the people we meet. I also enjoy the Business Development events, including formal dinners and lunches.
LW: The fact that the office is located opposite to Starbucks, as a commercial team we occasionally have “team meetings” there. But in all seriousness, the wide variety of what my job has to offer and the potential to shape a career.
SM: Dealing with clients on a daily basis, both face-to-face and through reporting


• What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given during your career?

AG: Always treat people the way you would like to be treated.
BA: Have confidence in your own skills and accept any new challenge put before you.
FFD: Be transparent and honest, and if in doubt seek advice and help from your peers.
LW: To be honest, transparent and open.
SM: Don’t accept less than what you want – make it the best it can be.


• Which element do you think makes DM Hall stand out at the moment?
AG: We are an independent company who provide reliable and honest information/reports to our clients.
BA: We are a close team here in Edinburgh with some of my colleagues having worked for DM Hall for over 20 years. It also seems that when someone leaves they can’t wait to come back again.
FFD: We are a multi discipline private practice firm, and we are a one stop for all our clients’ needs. DM Hall is a household name being established in 1897 and with a local office network throughout Scotland.
LW: Being able to provide a one-stop-shop service to clients, with the experience to back it.
SM: The new branding. It is more modern so it catches the eye – on boards in the high street everywhere

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