DM Hall adds mediation to multi-disciplinary practice

DM Hall has added mediation to its multi-disciplinary practice with the successful accreditation of Alan Jeffrey as an RICS Mediator.

Alan, an associate in the Dunfermline office of DM Hall, has also joined the Scottish RICS Panel of Mediators following an arduous two-week training course which took him through the complexities and technicalities of dispute resolution.

With the costs of taking a property dispute to court becoming prohibitively expensive, mediation is increasingly being seen in Scotland as a practical and less confrontational alternative.

The RICS appoints professional dispute resolvers to property and construction disputes across Scotland and also provides dispute resolution training to its members and other professionals.

Alan Jeffrey said: “The Mediation Training Course was fantastic. The first week was theory and very hard going. The second week was almost entirely practical with all of the attendees taking part in role play, acting as mediators, and also playing the part of both sides in the 10 different test cases.”

The RICS Assessor said that Alan had a very relaxed manner which worked well. His opening statement emphasised the benefits of mediation and he covered the legal aspects of confidentiality and “without prejudice” concepts.

The assessors felt that he was in control throughout the process and was building rapport with the parties who initially were quite entrenched in their positions.

Eric Curran, managing partner at DM Hall, said: “Everyone in the firm congratulates Alan on this excellent achievement. The RICS Mediation training is exhaustive and it requires dedication and skill to pass as comprehensively as Alan.

“Mediation is an increasingly important element of property disputes which can escalate out of all proportion if a court option is sought. DM Hall will be pleased to offer this service as part of its multi-discipline package for clients.”

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