Director Amanda Cameron Celebrates 15 Years with DM Hall

Congratulations on your anniversary and thank you for agreeing to respond to our Q&A.

• How did you join DM Hall?
If I remember correctly, I met an ex colleague who had moved to DM Hall. Having been a full time mum for a couple of years, he asked if I was ready to go back to work. To which I replied, if you have anything I can do from home then ‘yes’ – two weeks later I was given a laptop – c’est la vie!!

• What are a few memorable moments of the past 15 years working here?
I think my most memorable moment is watching our basement office being knocked through to accommodate our growing department – that was, for me, the first indicator that I/we as a team were achieving our goals.

• How have you enjoyed your time in the company?
It would be fair to say there have been a few challenges, however overall the answer would have to be ‘yes’.

• How has your career/department progressed over the years?
I began as a part-time record collector for DM Hall’s Property Services department and when my children went to school, I became a full time Property Enquiry Officer. At that time there were three of us in Dunfermline. The job has changed significantly over the years due to technology allowing us to operate from just one office instead of three. We are now a team of 8 – and are still evolving – so who knows what the future holds!

• What are your goals for the future and how is DM Hall supporting you to achieve them?
My goal is quite simple – I want to see another wall knocked down!

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