A message from charity partner CHAS: 0 – 40,000 in two years, what does it mean?

‘0 – 40,000 in two years’ what are your first thoughts when you read that? I am sure, for many of you, the first thought would be “what kind of vehicle works on those figures”?

What if I changed it to ‘£0 -£40,000 in two years’? Maybe the figures don’t start to look so bad now and add in the fact that the £40,000 is the amount donated to a charity that supports children and young people with life shortening conditions and their families, it provides a very different view.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become integral to the corporate world over the past few decades. Consumer tastes and attitudes have changed and they want businesses to care, not just about profit or share but also about their staff and the community! Quite simply consumers want to know what a business is doing to make a positive different at a local, national and international level? CSR and environmental responsibilities have become as important to consumers as price and quality. There is also huge value to the business. It connects the business and its staff to the local community, learning new skills, strengthens team relations and also motivates and energises staff.

Two years ago DMHall decided that they wanted to begin their support of the local Scottish community and they choose to support the only children’s hospice charity in Scotland, CHAS (Children’s Hospice Association Scotland) at this point there was £0 in the pot. What followed was a series of meetings and a meeting of minds! The team took on the charity whole heartedly with fundraising events, by volunteering their time and involving their clients in supporting CHAS. More than this though they have taken the charity into their hearts and truly understand the importance of the services provided to the families. The end result was something that no one could have anticipated at the beginning, £40,000 going directly to the CHAS services.

£40,000 covers the annual salary of a Senior Nursing Support Worker in CHAS. A person who provides a high standard of palliative nursing care to children and young people, enabling their parents to take a well-earned break whilst under our care. They work as part of a key worker team to provide emotional and practical support to children, young people and their families. They enable the family to take part in fun activities both in the hospice and outside, this means the whole family can create very special memories of wonderful moments to be remembered for the rest of their lives. When necessary they will provide end of life and bereavement support for children, young people and their families in whichever way they need it.

So what does £0 – £40,000 in two years mean? Actually, more than you can ever imagine!

Criona Knight
Corporate Fundraising Manager

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